Sunday, September 30, 2012

The gavel & the 'sound block' for judge :)

Hi, everyone
Today I have a gavel and "sound block" for judge.

Here is a little history:
The wooden mallet that a judge uses in court is called a gavel.
Judges have them as a symbol of authority and also a forceful signal - they hit the sound block with the gavel to signal that the court is in session. They also hit it when the court is adjourned, when a sentence is passed and to demand order and silence in the courtroom.
The gavel has been used to control meetings since the middle ages and there are rules for its use in 'Robert's Rules of Order'.
I made a gavel & sound block by my husband request. Yarns used light and dark brown.
Hook 3.5mm/E/4. The gavel & sound block sizes are as the same as real ones.
I made them probably in 3 hours.
You can purchase pattern gavel & 'sound blog'