Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bacon wrapped potatoes...

Some my friends I said that I cook  Bacon Wrapped Potatoes.
And today I would like to share that recipe,
but first I want to say Thank you author for this recipe. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A card...

Hello :)
Next what I would like to share is a card.
Across stitch kitten was made for my mother-in-law's birthday.
I used a scrapbook paper Format A4 what is regular size of paper.
This kitten from the scripts are written by the same tales of Gregory Oster.
Cartoon chronicles the adventures of a kitten with an unusual name Gav
and his friend the puppy Sharik.
Gav constantly gets in the ridiculous situation and finds adventure as soon as leaves the house.
He was confident that should go toward trouble,
because the old domestic cat he said: "you'll find nothing but trouble!".
He also knows how to properly divide the sausage,
why do you need a secret language,
and why be afraid of thunderstorms need along with another in the attic.
The cartoon focuses on real friendship, illustrates the care of adults of small and weak.


I made my dream come true :)
... Just look at this picture:
I made that lizard by being inspirited with Gecko insurance commercials.
Walking, talking lizard?
Can I crochet?
It took me about a month to think how to crochet and about 5 months to crochet.
I proudly can say I made it.
I used green, grey, orange and small amount red, black and white 100% cotton.
Fiberfill, chenille stem in legs, arms and tail for mobility.
Hook 1.65mm
Size of it is approximately 10in
A Word from Our Sponsor
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