Friday, March 10, 2017

The Iris Earrings Of Faith, Hope, Wisdom, and Courage. Сережки Ирис – радужное создание, яркость красок, поднимающая настроение.

Hi, everyone :)
Today I show you the Iris earring & bracelet set.

Few posts earlier I showed The Iris bouquet.
I always make any crochet test before I start to do in size I need.
Hook 1.65mm/6
The Iris flower is February's birth flower and a great gift idea for those with a February birthday, someone favorite flower or purple colour.

Size of the earrings flowers are about 1in and the bracelet flower is about 1in long.
This beautiful crochet Iris set is one of my favorite jewelry. 
Furthermore, Iris is the romantic flower, therefor, it is a good chance to do the wonderful present for love in your life.
Price $15 depends on time frame.

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